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I signed up, now what?

After you have signed up for an account you should begin to receive emails from The Dominion Life Movement. Please check your spam or promotions folder as some of the emails have ended up there. The Start LifeTeams site will send you emails periodically explaining options that are available on your way to becoming a Certified DHT. After signing up the next step is to complete a connect form. A link with instructions can be found in the initial email titled 'connect with us'. 

What did I sign up for?

Upon signing up with you have started the process to become a Certified Divine Healing Technician with JGLM. This is the beginning of a 3 month process where you should study and practice the DHT Training. As a Certified DHT, JGLM simply recognizes that you have completed the training and you may even be sent prayer requests from your area to help pray for the sick.  

JGLM Study Groups

JGLM study groups are a way for you to to get rooted in the DHT Training without much responsibility. Study groups may begin gathering together before meeting the requirements to become a Certified DHT or LifeTeam Leader. JGLM study groups are for those who want to get a headstart in preparation of becoming a LifeTeam Leader. Study groups are not endorsed or recognized by JGLM as leaders but rather as a way for potential leaders to start meeting with their potentially grow into a LifeTeam. If you do plan to facilitate a study group please visit the Study Group page for instructions.

I cant log in yet...

By signing up for an account with the site you have signed up to become a Certified Divine Healing Technician. You will not be able to login the account that you have created until your Start LifeTeams account has been certified.  It will take 3 months to become certified within the system. After your initial signup the next step is to complete a DHT Monthly Update each month for 3 months If you are an existing Certified DHT from the previous years please follow this same process as if you were starting fresh. This will help everyone to understand what is available within the new system.


If you are a partner with JGLM, first of all thank you for partnering with us as we are working to advance the kingdom. When you became a partner, you may have created an account with the partners portal. This will not give you access to the site as the two areas are not connected. The only way to gain access to the site is to become a Certified DHT. If you would like to become a partner please click the blue link.

Other Languages is predominantly used by English speakers. If you live in a country that speaks a language other than English, it is not necessary at this time to participate with this site as we will have new language sites launching in the near future. You will be able to participate in a site corresponding to your language as we launch those in the coming months. However, if you do understand English, feel free to participate with this site by becoming a Certified DHT. 

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