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JGLM LifeTeams are small, rapidly multiplying units of believers that are systematically trained and working as a team according to a specific training program with the purpose of reaching their city for Christ. The teams follow a systematic course of study and application that coincides with the JGLM Dominion Bible Institute (DBI). The leader of the team has the responsibility of training, equipping, and preparing the members of the team to do the works of Christ. The training of members takes place through teaching, study, role-playing, and developing within each member a lifestyle of doing the great commission. To find out more about LifeTeams CLICK HERE

Vision For LifeTeams

We are called to love God with all of our being, and we demonstrate our love for God by serving our fellow man. We have been given a mission, and that mission is to have the first place in our lives. In a LifeTeam you will join with a team that has committed to putting the mission first. As an individual you must make the decision to put the mission first, you will learn to recognize distractions for what they are, and develop perseverance so that you will never back off of the mission.

Put The Mission First

Horses run in herds, wolves run in packs, and men run in tribes. You were created to be part of a team, a LifeTeam. The Bible is clear that one can put 1000 to flight, but two together can put 10,000 on the run. One may be overpowered but two together can stand, and a 3-fold cord is not easily broken. By being on a team, you benefit not only yourself but the entire team as every member does their part. The church is meant to be a team working together to capture the city for Christ. As part of the team you have responsibility, accountability, and a team to help you overcome and accomplish Christ's purpose on the earth.

Join The Team

The Dominion Life Movement is the sum total of all activities JGLM. The purpose of the Dominion Life Movement is to bring the total Gospel to every creature throughout the earth. The Dominion Life Movement is being propagated through every possible means of communication and training. It's not just a name, it is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every situation, overcoming every obstacle, achieving victory in every trial, thereby bringing glory to God through an overcoming victorious faith that exemplifies the dominion God originally commanded man to walk in.

DL Movement

The gospel puts a godly responsibility on believers.  It is our responsibility to reach the lost, to heal the sick, to preach the gospel. We are our brothers keeper. Committing to a LifeTeam is committing to  the responsibility of the great commission. The focus of a LifeTeam is to reach their area with the power of the gospel. This can only be accomplished as we rise to the level of responsibility that the gospel has called us to. 

Taking Responsibility

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