Dominion Life Naples

Marie Gonzper

A friend of mine made a comment on one of my posts on Facebook informing me of JGLM. I looked it up and began listening to Curry's teachings. Then I saw an upcoming scheduled seminar in Georgia so my husband and I registered to go and traveled from Naples, Florida to attend. I had no idea what a "DHT" was at the time but it changed my life forever! From that point forward I immersed myself in the teachings, I started laying hands on the sick and getting results. Within weeks I gathered my closest friends and began a Bible study group using the JGLM material I had purchased (DHT, New Man, MRT and SWAT). The group evolved into a LifeTeam within months and in a year's time a solid leadership team of 5 couples developed. This all happened between July 2014 and December 2015. By January 2016 we launched out as a JGLM local congregation and incorporated Dominion Life Mission.  We currently have 5 LifeTeams in homes that gather for teaching-training throughout the week, along with scheduled outreaches, however everyone is trained to minister "as they go". All the LifeTeam members gather on Sundays in a meeting hall where the public is invited to visit and the members can invite their potential disciples. We thank the Lord for what He has been able to do here with just our willingness to step out even when we didn't have all figured out. We saw the local need and ran with it and with every Annual Conference attendance certain things get corrected and sharpened. I can't imagine having this message and not taking action or being directed to multiply it in others. I can honestly say that I have accomplished more for the Father's kingdom in the last 4 years than in the previous 26 years of volunteering in ministry.  Brother Curry's teachings have truly given me the tools to change my world!

Dominion Life Portland

Zach Pelett

I heard the DHT shortly after my conversion. JGLM leaders from different states took me out during the lunch breaks to minister healing to the sick. After experiencing first hand how easy the message produces results I began to meet with a small group in my home. Our group started with one cousin, one employee, and a neighbor, and grew from there. We found that many people wanted to fellowship around the same message of power and healing. As the group grew I contacted HQ seeking to make our group into a LifeTeam. As we took the message to the streets the LifeTeam began to grow. Later we found other JGLM leaders in our city who had another LifeTeam in town. We merged our groups and started a church, Dominion Life Portland. Since then our small group has turned into a team, and we have had the opportunity to serve across many different states and countries.


Garth Wiebe

After losing my wife in 2011 the same way Curry lost his first daughter,  and after watching the DHT, I knew it was the final answer.  I hit the streets with my two youngest boys, ages four and eight, kept seeking out like-minded believers in the area, got certified and so on, and eventually accumulated a series of hodge-podge teams, with many short-lived starts, until things really started hopping and pulled together in 2014.  Since then we have seen many thousands of people instantly healed, including two people raised from the dead right out on the streets, countless people responding to the gospel, and countless lives changed, including kickstarting many new people, some of whom only started as forwarded prayer requests and had never healed the sick before.  We gravitated toward inner-city street ministry (homeless/addicts/etc.), and now have teams and sub-teams consistently out on the streets of some of our various urban areas, particularly all day Saturdays in Manchester, NH, all day Sundays in Boston, and other places in the vicinity of eastern MA.


Carin Khieya

We started listening to the DHT as a couple, then included our boys who were young teens at that time. We started teaching it locally and then enrolled in DBI as a family. We started going out and saw our results go up. Becoming a prayer warrior  for JGLM got us connected with people throughout India of which some asked us to come and teach a DHT and have some hands on training. That resulted in some other life teams in India. Our family moved to the North East of India where we continued to teach what we had learned and set up DBI India so that especially young people can go out and set up life teams throughout their region. 

Dominion Life Portland

Vitaly Khimich

I first heard the DHT in 2008 when Curry was in Portland, Oregon. The teaching caused me to reevaluate my understanding of Christianity. During the DHT brother Curry said “Do not believe what I say. Write down all the scriptures that I give you. Go home and read them for yourself.”. When I went home that night and read those scriptures, though I had read them many times before, this time my eyes were opened and started to see the truth in the Word of God. He was the first preacher that told me that I was able to do not only everything that he could do, but also everything that Jesus could do. To me that was the message that transformed my life. So, I started praying for people immediately and began seeing results. As I saw results, I wanted to pray even more and become more like Jesus. I finally understood that it wasn’t me that was doing it, but Jesus living through me. Within a few months, we started a healing room and began to impact our community. From there our team in the healing rooms began to meet together in homes as a LifeTeam. Over time we encouraged each other and grew stronger together, developed into more LifeTeams and  eventually grew into a Dominion Life Church impacting our community on a larger scale.  


Rueben Yavny

I first heard the DHT in about 2011 and then went to a New Man Seminar in 2012. It was completely different than anything I have ever heard before concerning healing and who we are in Christ. It became really good head knowledge, because I agreed with everything, BUT I only occasionally put it into practice. That is until 2015. Six months into my marriage, my young bride got extremely sick, very quickly with an auto-immune disorder. Paralyzed from the waist down, trachea tube, feeding tube, 17 pills a day, etc... I remembered about the DHT when I was in the ICU waiting room. I downloaded just about everything I could find on healing off of the store site and would listen to it night and day, then apply what I heard to my wife's condition. She started getting better and released from the hospital, told she'd be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. We didn't accept that and told them that's not how it would be. We kept telling her body how it's gonna be. She kept getting stronger and stronger. Fast forward to October, we went to have an MRI and we're told "we're not sure what happened, but she has no issues in her brain or spine" (where the inflammation was.) We know this works, and came to a point where we had to make a choice between not doing anything with it, or devoting ourselves to it. So we devoted ourselves to it. Today, we've seen many healed, my wife is perfectly healthy, we have an almost two year old daughter and we lead a LifeTeam from our home.

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