Become a C-DHT

Becoming a Certified DHT is the first step toward becoming a LifeTeam. CDHTs are individuals that have committed to healing the sick. CDHTs will also be forwarded the prayer requests from their area that we receive at headquarters. CDHTs will also have access to a monthly video call with our leaders as well as dedicated teachings concerning how to minister healing. Monthly communication is the only requirement to participate in these activities. 

Lead a LifeTeam

To start leading a LifeTeam you must first become a Certified Divine Healing Technician. After you become a C-DHT you gain access to the Start LifeTeam page. From there you begin the process to become a LifeTeam leader. After completing the LifeTeam App we will connect you with one of our leaders from your region on our Leaders 101 call. This leader will help launch you into leading your LifeTeam, and provide discipleship as you grow your team to take your city for Christ.


Dominion Bible Institute a two year School of Ministry for those desiring to gain an in-depth understanding of the Bible and those desiring to enter full-time ministry. LifeTeam Leaders who  complete 3 consecutive months of LifeTeam Monthly Updates you will receive access to part of our Dominion Bible Institute for free. 

What is a LifeTeam

LifeTeams are the heartbeat of the Dominion Life Movement. LifeTeams are small, rapidly multiplying units of believers that are working as a team with the purpose of reaching their city for Christ. The function of a LifeTeam is to assist Christians in growing up into Christ by fulfilling the great commission and producing spiritually mature Christians in the shortest time possible.  The training of members takes place through teaching, study, and role-playing developing within each member a lifestyle of the great commission.

DHT Training

DHTT is the Divine Healing Technician Training. This training from JGLM teaches the biblical truths concerning how Jesus healed the sick while exposing the false teachings and excuses that prevent believers from doing the same. Originally John G Lake taught his students and named them divine healing technicians. Lake taught them not to beg God to come and heal, but that the believer is on the earth on Jesus' behalf to heal the sick. Hearing the DHT puts a godly responsibility on the believer to reach out to the sick in their cities

DL Movement

The Dominion Life Movement is the sum total of all activities JGLM. The purpose of the Dominion Life Movement is to bring the total Gospel to every creature throughout the earth. The Dominion Life Movement is being propagated through every possible means of communication and training. It's not just a name, it is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every situation, overcoming every obstacle, achieving victory in every trial, thereby bringing glory to God through an overcoming victorious faith that exemplifies the dominion God originally commanded man to walk in.

Locate a LifeTeam

Take a look at the Locate LifeTeam page. Here you can see the map of LifeTeams from around the world. You can also potentially connect with a team in your area, reach out to leaders in the region, and check our scheduled events including weekly video calls. You can join our weekly get started calls directly from the link on the calendar at this page.

DHT Trainers

DHT Trainers have been approved by JGLM to teach and  conduct a Divine Healing Technician Training seminar. After hearing the DHT Training we teach and encourage that everyone should share the message freely with the world. However conducting a JGLM event or a Divine Healing Technician Training seminar is something we have reserved for those whom we have grown in relationship with. Take a look at our trainers page to see a list of approved DHT Trainers.

Curry Blake

Curry R Blake is General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. Curry R. Blake is recognized around the world as a leading authority on Divine Healing, Charismatic Church History, and the life and ministry of John G. Lake. His ability to communicate deep spiritual truths in a simple, yet profound manner, has ignited true spiritual revival in Christians worldwide

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